The Reactions

Selling my car and not getting a replacement elicited a wide variety of reactions. Luckily I had thought this through and I had a response, scenario or option ready for the big questions I was pretty consistently asked.

1- You are going to hate this and you will have to wait for the bus. What happens when it rains or snows?

I’ve gone camping in the rain and enjoyed it. (I haven’t enjoyed the thunder on camping trips). And once I got a raincoat it made all of the difference! This question was almost always phrased in a downer manner. I think there was only one famous person who melted from rain. The rest of us just get wet and maybe a little chilly. But it’s not that I’m not near buildings most of the time.

2-So you’re probably saving a lot of money, huh?

Without telling you how many millions I’ve accrued in the short time I’ve been a public transport gal (ha) I can say I have managed to save a bunch. Some of the categories that are adding to my savings account include: gas, car payments, car repairs (with my lemon that’s a lot right there!), random errands, and I can only buy what I can carry myself.  I think that last one was the most surprising. The other savings on the list were definitely expected.  I knew my shopping habits would change and planning would be more important for the big grocery trips. What I found was after a couple of times of big packages, even with a short or medium walk, I thought far more carefully about what I put in my cart. 

3-How much time do you spend waiting for a bus?

Luckily for me the bus I use follows a schedule. Except when I input the information wrong into the mobile website, or just remember the schedule backwards- I walk out the door in time to wait for 2 minutes and catch a bus. 

4-Your life is going to be ruled by a bus schedule. Won’t that suck?

Nope. It’s actually amazing! I know when I’m leaving a location. I know when I will arrive at a location. I know what locations I can easily get to and if I want to go farther I know I have to plan to non-bus transport. All of my scheduling and planning structures my day. I’ve always been a list girl. I should have realized that this would be a huge stress relief for my personality! 

5-How are you going to have a social life? 

The same way I had one when I had a car. Make a plan and meet up with friends! Sure I sometimes have to know a bus schedule. Or I have to walk farther. But who complains (at least in CO) about a chance to get some extra exercise. I can still make impromptu plans as well. 

6-Are you going to ride your bike?

Yes, I will eventually work out the trail system from my home to downtown.  I put air in the bike tires and have promptly forgot to do anything about checking out the trails. I did however get a trail map today to see if I can plan it out without having to drag and drop google maps. I love technology and use it frequently, but sometimes these plans just need a paper map. 

7- How are you going to get to gigs?

One of the best parts of this adventure is that there is an amazing non-profit in the area called eG0 Carshare. Cars are parked through out town and each member has a key fob that will open the car. You reserve online or over the phone and voila! off you go. There will definitely be posts about the awesomeness that is carshare. Every city should have one! 

8-My favorite reaction though, came from one of my preschool kids (PK):

PK: “Someone STOLE your car?!!?!”

Ms Liz: “No, I SOLD my car!”

PK: “Oh, ok. Well when you get a car don’t get a Tesla. That’s what I want.”

Now, what would you like to know about this adventure of mine? Leave a comment and I’ll let you know!

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10 Responses to The Reactions

  1. Gisela Schutz says:

    Hi Liz,

    We travel to Germany so we can do what you are doing because the wonderful State of New Hampshire makes it very difficult to ride bikes and take public transport. You can enter bike races or mountain bike, but that is not what 65 year olds really want to do. Hope you have a wonderful time with your new adventure! Friend of your parents from the Millbrook Training Center days.

    • dinwizzle says:

      Hi Gisela, I remember who you are! I would love to go to Europe and see all the ways to get around cities and towns without a car. I’m really enjoying this adventure!

  2. maureen walker says:

    Congratulations on your happy greenness, Liz and on your engaging writing skills!

    Let’s hear it for LCA and Miss Davie, whose first grade students learned phonemes no-one else had thought of before, and became constitutionally incapable of committing “spelling sin” thereafter!!

    Go on; you know it’s true!

    Keep on blogging!

  3. Michelle says:

    Great post! I love how much you are loving car less life 🙂 And how your grocery shopping has changed. So cool!

  4. Jenni Buhr says:

    (I’m one of your mom’s high school friends who she rounded up on Facebook!) We moved to London 13 years ago, and while there are many great things about living in London, one of the best is that I have never driven a car here. Public transport is so nice because you can read a book and let someone else take responsibility for the vehicle. The major down side is remembering not to buy more than you can carry; the upside is it helps to curb spending. At the moment we do have a car which my husband drives when we want to leave the city, but we use it so infrequently we will probably not keep it for much longer. My daughter who lives in London has taken up bike riding as her major mode of transport. A lot of people are turning to bikes. There is a bike rental scheme where you can pick up bikes from a rack in the street with a credit card and drop them off somewhere else, paying by the hour, that has become very popular with commuters and tourists. Enjoy your summer of walking and riding and busing.

  5. John Dinwiddie says:

    “Except when I… remember the schedule backwards.” Hmm…
    that’s got interesting implications. Does that mean if I
    start from work and wind up at home then everything
    works out OK?

  6. John Dinwiddie says:

    Then of course there was the car insurance
    payments too.

  7. malia says:

    not having a car can be MORE social…when you get rides from people, that’s hang out time you normally would have spent by yourself driving. on the bus, you’re around other people and not alone.

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