Lessons I’m learning from the Internet

By all means don’t get used to me posting more than once a day. I’m trying to keep this project reasonable. But as my roommate is having a quartet rehearsal in the living room and I’m on the porch searching the internet for interesting transportation tidbits, I found this article: Lessons We’re Learning Riding Mass Transit. I wish there was a way to leave a comment, but since there isn’t I will have to post it on my own blog.


I always assumed the very second I dreamt of having kids I would also have to get a car. Then I read this article about a family with 6 kids using mass transit. As a former nanny, I have to admit I shuddered a little. When I was watching the 3 kids on a regular basis we would go as far as those little legs would carry them. That was it. I was not going to herd cats on a bus. But I suppose if you make it a joyful game as the author suggests the cats or kids might follow directions.


The one point I didn’t agree with for my situation was the last one- “How to live with less control.” I think the fact that the transit system I use has a schedule helps. If I were just waiting for a bus that would show up every 15 -20 minutes when it felt like it, I would probably have trouble with letting go of schedule control. But following the transit schedule is easier for me than creating a schedule with the car.


I did however like the author’s third point- “How to deal with Humanity. ” As the introvert I tend to be around people I don’t know, that is probably the hardest lesson I will have to learn. Sometimes people are in my space, sometimes they smell different and sometimes I’m not sure they are all in the same reality I am currently occupying. But part of my adventure is to get out of my comfort zone and as small as this is, I think it’s a great place to start.

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2 Responses to Lessons I’m learning from the Internet

  1. malia says:

    you could always move to an exotic city like Paris or New York once having kids, since they are set up for mass transit. scratch that idea, i don’t want you to move away. 🙂

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