True Costs of Owning a Car

Until I got to the point in my car ownership where the engine died and I did more google searching, I hadn’t really thought about what are the full costs of owning a car in a town with a great public transportation system. In many parts of the country and even with many of my friends here, NOT having a car is impossible. There are tight schedules, lack of public transportation, or items that need to be carried back and forth to work everyday which prevent a car less lifestyle. But for me the total cost of owning a car was far more than expected and frankly, needed, for my situation.

Some of the online tools to help people decide if a car less or car free situation is in their best interest are: True Cost to Own calculator. Sure their might be some magic in there, but put the numbers in and see.

Bikes at Work Inc. is a company which delivered goods to folks in their neighborhood. When the bike trailers were insufficient for the loads, they started to build their own trailers.  In addition to calculating what it costs to use a car, their calculator figures out what you could do with the money saved. If I had used this before my car died I’m pretty sure I would have attempted a car less lifestyle sooner.

Once you put your numbers into either of these calculators, did you rethink whether your situation warranted a car free lifestyle?

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One Response to True Costs of Owning a Car

  1. malia says:

    love this post! and i love the name you chose for your blog:)

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