Finding My Speed

As a music teacher I am constantly reminding my students to play their pieces at their own best speed. If they play a passage too fast their violin might not speak as well, or the phrasing might be muffled, or the character they have worked so hard to create is stifled. As I was plotting out this blog and project I realized I need to find my own speed. So far this speed is a walking speed. It is a bus riding, schedule following speed. I enjoy knowing when I will leave a location to catch the bus to go home. I can plan my day better than my frantic attempts to make a list and finish it before I could go home. Now there is a time limit set for me and I need to finish the tasks or let them go until the next opportunity I have to work on them. That rule goes for both work tasks and home tasks. Perhaps cleaning the bathtub right before I leave to go teach is not the best time. And the regularity of a bus schedule has reminded me to look for my own speed.

Organizing my schedule has also led to other unexpected benefits, namely time for hobbies. For the summer the list of projects now includes sewing, learning to play the piano with more than 5 fingers, scrap booking and writing. Ready for some pictures and project inspiration?

If you could take life at your best speed what would you change? Would you go faster or slower or perhaps stay the same?

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2 Responses to Finding My Speed

  1. Michelle says:

    So cool. Imagine, life at a walking speed is better than at a frantic, driving speed?! Craziness 🙂

  2. dinwizzle says:

    I know! It only took selling the car to figure that one out. Ha!

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