Project Monday

Yes, I realize you are reading this on Tuesday, but you see I have off on Mondays this summer so I’ve decided from now on Monday is Project Monday! This week I found  a recipe for kale chips and I have been craving kale for a few weeks now. Since my only other recipe for kale is to make it slimy and add rice I figured I might like this version.

Step 1- buy a ridiculous amount of kale, not realizing you will eat half of it during the lunchtime project.

This was about 1/3 of the amount of kale that I bought. Sales are sometimes not as beneficial as one would hope.

Step 2- spread the kale out over a parchment paper covered cookie sheet. The equal distribution of the kale is important. Or else it might take 20 minutes plus another 10 minutes later to get the kale to get crispy. Not that I know from experience. I got it perfectly right the first time around, obviously.

Step 3- You can’t really see how crispy they are or how much kale there was left to crisp. I eventually started adding spices to see how it worked.

Spice options:

1- mustard spice- ok, not spectacular. Next time I would probably add sea salt to it as well.

2- garlic- I inevitably put too much garlic powder on anything I make and then suffer through the meal. The same thing happened this time, but at least the house smelled yummy!

3- cajun spice- you know those spice combos you can buy? I used the cajun spice (sprinkled lightly after the garlic fiasco).  This was my second favorite flavor.

4- sea salt and oil. This one won out by a long stretch. The kale flavor was not overwhelmed and once I figured out how to get the chips crispy it was fantastic. If they aren’t crispy enough they get slimy and cold. And well that’s just not appealing.

Final Step- eating them! I may need  a break from kale for a few days because my entire lunch was taste testing kale chips. My roommate helped with the tasting and had similar favorites as well.

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

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5 Responses to Project Monday

  1. John Dinwiddie says:

    I like the part about the smell of the house after the garlic “fiasco”.
    Ummm, yummy, how long does the smell last? What
    about the puppy and the cat? How do they react?

    • dinwizzle says:

      The puppy LOVED kale. He kept begging for more. And he liked it raw or cooked. The cat makes it a general rule to ignore me. I can make some kale chips when I come to visit next. But I won’t make as big of a batch because it took WAY longer than I expected.

  2. Michelle says:

    Kale chips with oil and salt, yummmmmmmm!!!!!!

  3. malia says:

    i am obsessed with kale chips!! i’ve only tried with sea salt, but i want to try your recipes!

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