minor keys = sad

In addition to being a no-car geek (lately) I’m also a music geek (since always).  I guess the daughters of musicians have a hard time not ending up that way. I also have an affinity for trains inherited from my dad, but alas I generally don’t find train articles.

One of the things I teach my little itty bitty students is music can be happy or sad. We delve into bigger words once they are potty trained.  No matter how long I expect them to take to hear the sad (minor) music, it always goes faster than I anticipate. It’s usually the second try after I say their name with a sad voice using a minor third. From then on they can shout out if the music is sad or happy no matter how complicated Mahler tried to make it. I found this article amongst my email lists about how western music creates sad music.  If you are a music geek like me, you might also find the article too interesting.




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