One of the biggest questions I got when I started this adventure was, “Do you think you will survive the winter?” So far I have not yet bought a car, so I guess the answer is yes!


Here I am on the first snow- in October. I took a few pictures and this is the only one that looks happy and not confused.


Since October, I have subsequently confirmed that layers are the key to staying warm. I have a waterproof outer shell, a fuzzy fleece that used to be my only winter coat during the car days, thick wool socks and boots are my new best friend. As someone once said, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.”  I have not ventured into any further long underwear layers. So far I haven’t needed them- but I would not be surprised if they joined the layer pile at some point this winter. Now that I have been car free for a while I also know how long it takes me to get to my usual bus stops so there is minimal waiting time.


The other wonderful thing this winter? I don’t have to clean off a car. I never realized how much I hated that task until recently when I looked outside one morning, pointed and laughed at the poor souls in the parking lot who were scraping their cars.


Next up? Posts about all of the fun crafty DIY I’ve done lately. I have piles of craft supplies and fabric that need to be used up before I will buy more. Some of the projects are presents so their posts will go up in a while. But in addition to getting rid of the car to slow down, I’ve enjoyed using crafting and visual art to exit the fast lane as well. Hope you are well, dear readers!



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One Response to Winter…

  1. malia says:

    I love that quote, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” Hear hear!

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