Wishing for Trains

Over the past two weeks I’ve been back on the east coast visiting various friends and family. While I was there I traveled by train (as well as plane and automobile- no bus). My first train trip was from NY to Washington DC where I slept as much as my body would let me. Apparently the older you get the harder it is to fall asleep anywhere. Who knew.


I loved that Amtrak had wifi (are you listening airlines? We all know that our electronic items are not hindering your flights, so please just make free wifi standard). I loved that I could get up and walk around whenever. And the leg room was luxurious. If only there was a way to cheaply get across the country on a train, I wouldn’t ever bother flying again. Yes, I am my train-buff dad’s daughter.

Now that I am back home I am back to busing and walking. The thought of buying a car has crossed my mind a few times, but then I figure I’ll just buy one when I need it. So far that is not my  need. So the adventure continues.


As for the new year, I rarely make resolutions at this time of year. If I make them, they will be at my birthday time because I figure THAT is my new year. I will continue to encourage friends and family to use their cars less. I also hope to find some sort of volunteer position with a transportation organization around town. I still haven’t found something that would fit my schedule, but I am keeping my eye out for an opportunity.


Do you  make resolutions for New Years? What do you plan on focusing on this year?

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2 Responses to Wishing for Trains

  1. malia says:

    I would love to travel on trains everyday too! I wish we had more of them around here…

  2. Michelle says:

    Trains would be SO NICE! Alas, we aren’t moving to the East Coast or Europe anytime soon 😛 🙂 Glad you had a good experience!

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